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Welcome to the tellUS! Reporting Portal from HELLA

Our commercial success is not only determined by the quality of our products and services. What is key is that all employees act in a law-abiding manner and with integrity – among themselves, towards business partners, and in public. Only then can we avert damage to our company, its employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.
Are you aware of criminal activity? Help us to prevent or tackle corruption, fraud, human rights & environmental violations (at HELLA or within the global supply chain), and other serious violations of the HELLA Code of Conduct, laws, or internal HELLA rules. Your help is of key importance. By reporting serious misconduct, you can contribute to uncovering and terminating such activity at an early stage, protect employees, and prevent further damage.
With the tellUS! reporting portal, we offer employees and external third parties the possibility to report relevant concerns securely and confidentially around the clock all over the world – anonymously if they wish. However, we would like to encourage you to provide your name in the message.
We ask you to always use the system responsibly and to use it only if, for whatever reasons, talking face to face ( the direct conversation being our preferred reporting channel) is out of the question. 
The HELLA Compliance Office and, depending on the individual report, further expertise departments assess and handle submitted reports. To make it possible to ask for further information, we recommend setting up a post box – even if you wish to remain anonymous – so that a continued exchange is possible.

Further information about tellUS! as reporting portal and procedure is available in: "tellUS! – at a glance" and "Speak Up Guideline – tellUS! (Rules of Procedure)".

Thank you for your help!

Please note that in some countries local laws may limit the scope of application of tellUS! (e.g. anonymous reporting may be prohibited). Such requirements will be reflected in the reporting form of tellUS! in these countries. Reports not respecting these country-specific criteria will be deleted for legal reasons.
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What can be reported?
Setting up a post box
The tellUS! reporting portal serves to report serious violations of the HELLA Code of Conduct, laws, and internal rules. This includes criminal activities, such as theft, fraud, corruption, cartels but also violations in areas such as occupational health & safety, labor law (including discrimination and harassment), data privacy, export control, and human rights & environment (at HELLA or within the global supply chain).
You can decide to report anonymously. The reporting portal is designed to protect your anonymity. In order to ensure absolute anonymity, make sure that (i) you access the reporting portal by entering the URL address directly and (ii) your message does not contain any information which could make it possible to identify you.
Before submitting your report, you will be asked to set up a post box.  This enables us to stay in contact with you in the event of any queries and to inform you about the receipt of your report and the status / result of the check – even if you wish to remain anonymous. 

If you have created a post box, a case number and an automatically generated password will be assigned to you. Please choose your own password when logging in for the first time. To gain access to the post box again, you will need the specific case number and your password.